Photoshop hates me…for now. Anyway, managed to make a new icon, so yay! Hasn’t changed in 4 years I believe, so this is a big moment. Here’s the big version. Kinda stupidly excited over it :) 

I’m fixing up my blog! I’m adding a new page that’s a list of other Paramore blogs and categorize them so you can discover new blogs to follow.

If you run a fan blog, message me and I’ll add you to the list!


I’m working with the Bunbury Music Festival this year and will be announcing a few surprises in about a week regarding the festival (and Paramore). Please follow to be there when the announcement happens.

Reblog and tell people you know who live in Ohio and the Cincinnati/tri state area. Even if you don’t live near here, please reblog to let your followers know! I (and Bunbury) will greatly appreciate it!

(This is not a stint to get more followers I promise)


PFC Forums Are Back!

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The “Now” music video is brilliant and no one will convince me otherwise.

What “Now” is about folks. Or at least, a good part of it.

There’s a time and a place to die, but this ain’t it. If there is a future we want it now.



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TEGAN AND SARA // Heartthrob Album Trailer

Check out Jeremy and Taylor in Tegan and Sara’s new album trailer!

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Check out Jeremy and Taylor on Tegan & Sara’s Carpool Confession: Kitchen Edition.

Reblog if you love Paramore.

I know this isn’t Paramore related, but watch it. The word needs to get around and I know Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy would want to stop this. Please.

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